Real-time Indexing

Real-time Indexing

The STSdb W4.0 engine is based on the WaterfallTree™ data structure – a patented STS Soft SC technology. W-tree effectively solves one of the most fundamental problems in the database world - speed degradation on random keys indexing.

This allows STSdb W4.0 to support multiple indexes in real-time over multiple tables without impacting performance. The database works extremely fast with both random and sequential keys.

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These comparison charts show how much WaterfallTree™ outperforms its competitors. Our technology is at least 10X faster than any other indexing technology.

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Getting Started

Getting Started

Get started with the easy to use, simple and intuitive database interface. Explore the features and possibilities of STSdb W4.0 described in a simple and interactive way. It’s a step-by-step process that provides the necessary information to get the database running in no time.

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Storage Engine

An unique blend
between data indexing and
streaming large data.


The bottleneck of
every database is storage device
seek time latency.


Compares the
new W-tree technology with
existing technologies.


Innovative data structure for
real-time indexing of low and high
level entropy keys.


Scalable and versatile node for cloud computing and BigData systems.

Getting Started

Get familiar with
the simple and intuitive
database API.

By Design

STSdb is an open-source, client/server and embedded NoSQL database and virtual file system in one. It is built up from scratch without using any third party components. Data is stored in a very flexible key-value format where the key consists of the combination of sub-keys and an associated value. The innovative design makes STSdb perfect for BigData and cloud applications.

Nothing Accidental

In STSdb data is multi-dimensionally indexed (lexicographically ordered) by key. This characteristic allows it to support existing data models and different indexing strategies.

The Technology

The backbone of STSdb is WaterfallTree™ - patent pending technology of STS Soft SC. Formally W-tree is a natural generalization of B+-tree. In general operations in B+-tree are executed synchronously (one by one) while in W-tree operations are executed аsynchronously (in groups). As a result W-tree solves the problem of speed degradation when indexing records with random keys. This allows to maintain multiple indexes in real-time without harming system performance. Theoretical models and empirical studies show 100x increase in speed of indexing using W-tree instead of B+-tree.



Conceptual difference between B+-tree and W-tree

Conceptual difference between B+Tree and W-tree

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